The three challenges for architects, engineers and contractors 

The AEC industry has several challenges to deal with. Three of them I’d like to highlight:

  1. data growth: managing and controlling the enormous growth of data.
  2. information silos: where’s what stored?
  3. costs of failure: many things go wrong due to various causes.

These three challenges can be summed up in one word: GRIP.

Data growth

An average project in 2008 had about 150 GB of data. This data are drawings, emails, appointments, etc. But an equal project in 2020 has 1,500 GB (or 1.5TB) of data! 10 times larger! This is understandable, because with the arrival of BIM, Internet of Things, and Digital Twins, we also generate a lot more data. And you have deal with that, because nobody can manage 1.5TB without a solid solution. We have to do something about it.

Information silos

So much data = so many locations. But do you still know where to find your documents? E-mail in a mailbox, 3D models on a server, drawings in a digital folder, shared folders in SharePoint, Office files on the explorer, or on an FTP server. And on and on. I do understand where these islands come from: those locations are very suitable for that specific solution. But you still have to remember where everything is. That’s what we need to solve.

Costs of Failure

In the construction industry companies make about 2 percent profit, but that at the same time there’s 3 to 10 percent costs of failure. Apparently 10 percent costs of failure is accepted! TEN PERCENT! On a total sum of 2 million that is two hundred thousand euros. I think that’s a lot of money getting wasted.

But how?

At Druchtman we aim to make you better, to let you grow. And our service portfolio is based on that too. We offer tooling, training and advice to architects, engineers, contractors, construction managers and developers. In doing so, we help you become even better than you are today. A good example of tooling is Newforma Project Center. This is a low-threshold project information management solution, made for the construction industry. How does Newforma deal with these three challenges?

  1. data growth: indexing all data, so it can be retrieved quickly.
  2. information silos: an umbrella over the silos. Giving you have access to all the places where the data is from one single access point.
  3. costs of failure: by connecting information, you know exactly what has been agreed, when, with whom.

With Newforma you are back in control of your projects.

Druchtman & Partners regularly organizes webinars and seminars on Project Information Management, Process Optimization, and Soft Skills. Of course, we offer training in this area. You can also make an appointment +31 88 39 77 333.

Greetings, Bas Wolse – Management Consultant, Druchtman & Partners

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