newforma verbindt

Newforma connects

  • Connects the best applications in the market
  • Manages emails and attachments
  • Leave data in place
  • Integrates, indexes and links all information

You work with Newforma Project Center from one clear dashboard in one ecosystem in which software is connected to each other. All project data and documents (such as emails and attachments, design files, images, contracts, PDFs, comments and reviews, etc.) are indexed and searchable. Files and data remain where they were created or stored. With Newforma you ensure that your team is always working with the most up-to-date data.

newforma vindt

… finds

  • Reduces information search time
  • Finds files faster due to indexing
  • Seeks and provides access to project information wherever it is located
  • Answers questions without delay

The Newforma Project Center dashboard is the center point of all project data. Here you will find the most current project files and documents, wherever they are actually located, at your location or in the cloud. Search all files and documents (such as emails, attachments, PDF files, scans, zip files, drawings, etc.). Emails and attachments from project team members are always available, even if those people are absent or no longer working for the company. Questions from your client or team members are answered immediately, without delay and with confidence.

newforma stroomlijnt

… streamlines

  • Minimizes the administrative workload
  • Manages the project workflows
  • Shares files with the project team
  • Increase productivity on the go

With Newforma Project Center you ensure that all project data is centrally accessible and findable for the entire company. And that without changing or interrupting existing processes inside or outside the office. Unambiguous and single data storage and input reduces the number of administrative actions. The processing time of RFIs and questions from customers or team members is greatly reduced. Newforma Project Center manages project workflows and streamlines contract management. At the construction site, Newforma reduces the turnaround time of delivery lists by eliminating data entry. On site, you take pictures to clarify issues, store them centrally and share them with supply chain partners.

newfomra beheert

… manages

  • Manages the properties of RFIs
  • Displays the project status
  • Generates reports and project files
  • Manages project agreements

With Newforma Project Center you minimize the time needed to deal with RFIs and project data, delivery lists, reports and more. You generate reports and project files. At the same time, you monitor project status and inform clients with detailed incident summaries, even in periods when the client or project manager was absent. You never have to make scans or prints again to send them via courier.

newforma beschermt

and protects

  • Tracks and logs project activities
  • Helps project team members to work together
  • Eliminates coordination errors
  • Maintains audit trails

You always have an overview of what is happening, because Newforma tracks and logs project activity while maintaining the audit trails within the project. From the office, via the web and on mobile devices, each team member works from a single coordinated file. Coordination errors are eliminated by enabling real-time collaboration between team members in the office and at locations. You share project data without compromising the management of proprietary information. Newforma can generate an authenticated copy of project data relevant to a dispute, such as who has downloaded which files when.



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